Dog Nutrition: Four Common Mistakes That Pet Owners Make


The nutrition of a pet is something that is often passing or a fail with a lot of pet owners. What’s sad about this is that the pet in unable to articulate if they are getting too much or too little. A whopping 75% of all dog owners report that they are not sure if their pet is getting the right amount of nutrition that they need.

Pet owners come in various flavors and they have their own different beliefs regarding what sort of food their pets should imbibe. As a result, there is rampant misinformation and there are a lot of pets which end up paying the consequence to those misinformed decisions. To combat that, Carolina Pup Pets is creating this article to point out some of the more common mistakes that pet owners make with their dog’s nutrition.

Here are four of the more common mistakes that dog owners make about their pet’s nutrition:

Not Using Actual Measuring Tools

There are a shocking 64% of pets across the USA that have been registered as obese by their vets. This is a common issue that is present in a lot of households around the world. It seems that a lot of pet owners which get blinded by their affection for their dogs and end up giving them more food than they actually need.

Table Scraps

Raise your hand if you’ve ever snuck food to the family pet when you were young. A lot of us are certainly guilty buggers and as it turns out, this bad habit is one of the leading causes in dog obesity and malnourished. The term “malnourished” can seem quite odd to use since obesity is factored in. However, being malnourished simply means that the body is not getting the nutrients that it needs. Human food can be quite high in fat content so not only does it make our pets a little heavier but it’s bad for their organs.

Picking the Wrong Food

Different breeds and different ages will need specific nutrients to suit them. When you choose dog food, you need to factor those needs into the decision making. A lot of dog owners think that dog food is just food no matter what make, brand, or type it is. When you feed a puppy something that is for older foods, their systems get overwhelmed. The same applies for older dogs and food that is made for younger dogs.

Not Having a Feeding Routine

Dogs need routine; much like babies and children. A lot of dog owners make the mistake of not having a set feeding time so what ends up happening is that they end up feeding their dogs either too soon after a feeding session or too late. These can really mess up a dog’s body especially over a prolonged period of time. Dongs need consistency; especially when it comes to their nutrition.

It is our hope that after going through this article, there will be less ignorance making the rounds regarding the health of dogs everywhere. What’s your opinion regarding dog nutrition? What common mistakes have you personally made regarding a dog’s nutrition? What common mistakes have you witnessed yourself?

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