Dog Food Talk: 3 Different Types of Dog Food You Can Choose From


A common misconception about dog food is that they are all the same. Let us correct that misconception with today’s article. We are going to be focusing on three particular types of dog food that an owner can choose from.

Let’s get started!


This particular dog food type is one of the more common ones and preferred by most pet owners. Dry pet food or kibble can be purchased at pet stores and groceries. They are normally heavily manufactured and is said to contain all the nutrients that a canine needs. There are, however, a lot of grumbles about how kibble generally has more than necessary fat to it.


High in moisture, this usually comes in canned form. It is usually said that wet dog food is best for dogs that have quite an age to them or have bad teeth. The wetness makes it ideal as there is not much crunching and munching. The high water content can mean that there are lesser nutrients that are retained.


The raw food movement is one which has been receiving its share of followers through the recent years. The people that generally go with the raw food movement tend to stick to veggies rather than meat over the fear of infecting their pets with parasites or bacteria. There have been a lot of criticism about this and there has been a scramble to see if the pet owners that choose this particular type of food are harming their pets.

Of course, this isn’t to say that the only types of dog food are the ones we’ve brought up today. To the contrary, there are A LOT of different types of dog food that’s available to choose from. The one that determines if something is the best fit is usually a combined effort of the vet and the pet owner.

What’s your opinion regarding types of dog food? What sort of dog food do you believe is the best fit for your buddy?

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