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Each month we have a different show at Kazoom.  We have found that many children like to come more than once a month.  Just think how many times they enjoy the same video or TV show!  There are many different characters to portray as well!  Below is a listing of the show themes for the year. 

JANUARY Imaginary Creatures Month
Jericho the Friendly Dragon
Stage Parts: Princesses, Prince, Knight, Wizard, King and Dragon (puppet)
Interactive Music and Games: "I'm a Little Unicorn"
Puppet Number: "Martian Hop" sung by Harmony with space ships and aliens included!
"The Monster Day Parade" with Charlie, Joe, Lou and Pinkle
Puppet Guests: Grumpy, Whinny the Unicorn, Periwinkle (he's a marionette!)

Stage Parts: Cinderella, Fairy Godmother, Prince, Mouse, Princesses, Dog and King.
Interactive Music and Games: "One Blue Square"
"Color and Shape Game"
Puppet Number: "Rainbow Palace" with Lillie Cock-a-tillie, "Pokey was a Polka-Dot", "Twinkle the Star", "Wacko", "Pokey Was a Polka-Dot" and "My Heart Does a Little Dance"
Puppet Guests: Kelly Pigler

MARCH Barnyard Month
The Three Little Pigs
Stage Parts: Three Little Pigs, Big Bad Wolf, Mamma Pig, Princesses, King
Interactive Music and Games: "Six Little Ducks"
Puppet Number: “I Had a Rooster”
Puppet Guests: Clem the Horse, Ms. Hennington the Chicken

APRIL Jungle Month
Saggy Baggy Elephant (Kazoom style)
Stage Parts: Puppets, Sookie the Elephant, Parrot, Giraffes, Alligators, Lions, Other Elephants
Interactive Music and Games: "Alligator Jump"
Puppet Number: "If I Were a Butterfly" with 9 exciting puppets
"Bullfrogs and Butterflies"
"Deep in the Jungle" sung by Orangutan with exotic jungle puppets
Puppet Guests: Stretch the Giraffe

MAY Gingerbread Month
The Gingerbread Man
Stage Parts: Little Old Lady, Little Old Man, Pigs, Cow, Princesses, Fox
Interactive Music and Games: "Rhythm Jamboree"
Puppet Number: "Threw it Out the Window"
"Caterpillar Dreams"
Puppet Guests: Bossy the Cow

JUNE Little Red Hen Month
The Little Red Hen
Stage Parts: Mamma Hen, Baby Chicks, Cow, Pigs, Dog, Princesses
Interactive Music and Games: “The Music Train” marching number with bubbles
Puppet Number: "Old McDonald", "Pokey the Poka Dot", and “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” starring Twinkle
Puppet Guests: Kelly Pigler

JULY Ocean Month
The Three Little Fishies
Stage Parts: Three Little Fish, Mamma Fish, Mermaids, Sharks, Crabs
Interactive Music and Games: “I’m a Little Fishie”
“The Three Little Fishies”
Puppet Number: “Under the Sea” with many, many, many sea creatures
"I'm, a Little Yellow Fish"
Puppet Guests: Bubbles the Fish

AUGUST Mermaid and Ocean Month
The Green Mermaid
Stage Parts: Mermaids, fish, turtles, crabs, Sea Captain and sharks
Interactive Music and Games: "Wash Your Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes"
Puppet Number: "I Love, Blub Blub, Being in the Tub, Tub" sung by Joe the red monster
"Thereís a Hippo in My Tub" sung by Harmony
Puppet Guests: Bartletís cousin Junius

SEPTEMBER Teddy Bear Month
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Stage Parts: Mamma Bear, Papa Bear, Baby Bear, Goldilocks, Princesses
Interactive Music and Games: "Threw it out the window"
“Teddy Bear Turn Around” with Wacko
Puppet Number: "Rainbow Palace" with Lilllie Cock-a-tillie, Twinkle the Star and Wacko
Puppet Guests: Wacko (Bartlet’s Teddy bear)

OCTOBER Halloween Month (Non-Scary)
We're Going Trick-or-Treating
Stage Parts: All the children will dress up to participate. Bring a costume or try one of ours!
Interactive Music and Games: “Five Little Pumpkins”
“I’m a Little Pumpkin"
“Itsy Bitsy Spider”
“Big Enormous Spider”
“One Little, Two Little, Three Little Witches”
Puppet Number: “The Martian Hop” featuring Charlie the Monster, Jake, Joe and Pinkle
Puppet Guests: Children help Bartlet pick a costume

NOVEMBER Thanksgiving and Fall Month
Thanksgiving Story or Going on a Turkey Hunt
Stage Parts: Pilgrim Men, Pilgrim Women, Indian Men, Indian Women, Turkey
Interactive Music and Games: “Oh the Leaves are Yellow and Red in the Fall”
“I’m a Little Turkey”
“Thankful Song” with bubbles
Puppet Number: “Thinkin’ That I’m Thankful”
“Thank You” song performed by Flit, Posie, Buck, Snavely, Growlbert the Dog, and the Caterpillar
Puppet Guests: Turkey

DECEMBER Christmas and Winter Month
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Stage Parts: Rudolph, Santa, Mrs. Claus, Elf, Reindeer
Interactive Music and Games: “Rudolph” (the children wear antlers)
“Jingle Bell” march (with bells)
Puppet Number: “We are Santa’s Reindeer” with 3 singing Reindeer and the Moon
“Santa Caught a Cold on Christmas” featuring Santa Claus
“We Wish You a Merry Christmas”
Puppet Guests: Santa


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