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What You Should Consider When Switching of Homemade Pet Food

What You Should Consider When Switching of Homemade Pet Food

Pet food and Pet nutrition are very important—especially when you are a pet owner. You have a creature that trusts...

Playtime with Your Puppy—Common Activities That Don’t Break the Bank

Playtime with Your Puppy—Common Activities That Don’t Break the Bank

When you have a puppy, you may notice that they have A LOT of energy. As a pet owner, one...

Reward with Bully Sticks: Why Treats for Puppies and Dogs are Important

Reward with Bully Sticks: Why Treats for Puppies and Dogs are Important

When it comes to rearing and raising a pet, it is important to know how to get the best sort...

Dog Nutrition: Four Common Mistakes That Pet Owners Make

Dog Nutrition: Four Common Mistakes That Pet Owners Make

The nutrition of a pet is something that is often passing or a fail with a lot of pet owners....


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What You Should Consider When Switching of Homemade Pet Food

Pet food and Pet nutrition are very important—especially when you are a pet owner. You have a creature that trusts you implicitly so it is only right to reward that trust with proper care. In recent years, more and more instances of manufactured dog food recalls have been made. This is especially troubling for pet owners which buy pet food from stores and vets.

It is wholly unacceptable that our pets’ health is put at risk by the very institutions that we trust to provide safe sources of nutrition for them. This outrage and disappointment has galvanized a lot of pet owners and made them lean toward making their own pet food for their beloved dogs. Before you start chopping and blending your own homemade pet food, there a few things that you should consider!

Here are some of them:

Medical History and Allergies

Not every dog has the same medical history. There are certain nutritional requirements that they must meet if they are afflicted with any chronic sort of illness. If you are planning on creating your own menu for your pet, their medical history is something that you need to factor in.

Get the opinion of their vet so that you’ll have a clear idea of what your pet can and cannot eat. If your dog’s doctor has some apprehensions about you making your pet’s food, ask them about any vitamins that you can give your dog so that you can be both assured that the dog in question isn’t lapsing in any important nutrients.


When you’ve made a habit of purchasing a specific dog food brand, your budget can be pretty set. If you’re planning on making your own dog food, this can stretch your budget a bit since you’re still experimenting.

Making your own dog food takes time and commitment. There are a plethora of available recipes that you can try out so it is important to factor in ingredients in your budgeting to see if it’s a feasible thing for you.

Slow Introduction

Just because you’ve decided to make the big switch from manufactured dog food does not mean that you should automatically have your dog do that big switch too. Your dog’s body may not be prepared or may get shocked because of that change. It would be important to plan the implementation of the homemade food.

Homemade pet food is a good alternative to manufactured ones. Not only do you get more control regarding what your dog eats but you get to really play a more active role in the sort of nutrition that they get. No longer will you have to contain yourself with choosing which brand to buy. Now, you can actively try to build your own recipes that work best for you and your buddy.

What’s your opinion regarding the recent dog food recalls? Would you consider making homemade dog food? What are your thoughts on such recipes?

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Playtime with Your Puppy—Common Activities That Don’t Break the Bank

When you have a puppy, you may notice that they have A LOT of energy. As a pet owner, one of your responsibilities is to make sure that your puppy gets sufficient exercise. A common misconception about playtime is that it costs a lot of money to do activities with a puppy and not derail any sort of training that they’ve been put through.

We’re here to debunk that and give some solid examples of common activities that do not actually break your bank. Let’s get started!

A Walk


A walk is one of the best ways to get your puppy to work out all that excess energy. This activity will also be helpful for you if you’re planning on working on your cardio. A walk only requires that you have a leash (something that you should already have when you got your puppy), a water dispenser, a few sheets of plastic to retrieve any droppings, and a few treats.

It utilizes things that you already have and it doesn’t even have to be a long walk. It could be as little as a ten minute walk and it could even just be in circles. A walk is also a good way to teach your puppy about boundaries and respecting your lead.



This is one activity that is often linked with the idea of owning a dog. Fetch is an activity which teaches your dog to keep track of things and to obey orders. Something that you should always remember before you play fetch is the area and the subject. It is ideal to make use of a rubber ball that is a bit larger than the mouth of the puppy.

At least that way they won’t accidentally swallow what they’re fetching and they won’t damage their tongue and teeth because of twigs or branches that can be used for fetch.



Roughhousing with a puppy is a completely fun and normal activity. What you must remember if you are going to try roughhousing to be the one to initiate it. Your puppy must learn from an early age that it is not okay for them to initiate rough behavior. It is only okay when you do it.

Of course, when you do roughhouse with your puppy, it is important that you do not overdo it. Always be mindful of your strength and what you allow the puppy to do. It’s also a good chance to teach them the idea of a game over or enough play time.

As you can see, the activities that we’ve itemized will only require a bit of your time and a bit of your effort. Getting all that energy out of your puppy shouldn’t have to rocket science and it really isn’t. All that it takes is your dedication to your little buddy and both of you will have to gain from it. Your buddy gets exercise and you get to plant the seeds of a deeper bond with your puppy.

What’s your opinion on playtime activities for puppies? What common activities (which don’t break the bank) did you make a habit of doing?


Reward with Bully Sticks: Why Treats for Puppies and Dogs are Important

When it comes to rearing and raising a pet, it is important to know how to get the best sort of results. Otherwise, you’ll be spending a lot of effort and not a lot of positive outcomes. This is particularly true when it comes to puppies and dogs.

There are a lot of people that hold the belief that treats aren’t as important as a firm hand or a consistent schedule. The truth is that treats are just as important as those other things. Here are a few reasons why:

Treats Help Teeth


Treats aren’t just used to reinforce good behavior! Treats can be used to boost the health of a pet—especially a young puppy. Certain treats are made specifically to help the teeth of a budding young canine. Treats helps the dog learn better chewing methods and better ways to make use of their teeth. A lot of dogs nowadays have shockingly bad oral hygiene. Some treat brands can be used to help the dogs keep their teeth in better health. In particular, we recommend Pawstruck bully sticks for dogs of all sizes and ages. Pizzle sticks are very effective in removing tartar, plaque, and other harmful dental issues.

Treats Better Enforce Behavior


When it comes to training a dog or a puppy, rewards should always be factored into it. Being rewarded for a good thing is something that humans enjoy so it follows that pets benefit from the same thing. When we want them to remember good habits and drop bad ones, reinforcing the good ones with treats help to deliver the message better.

Treats Help Speedy Learning


Studies have shown that when pet owners make use of treats to reinforce the behavior of their pets, their pets have been known to learn tricks and lessons 70% faster than dogs and puppies that aren’t given any treats during training. If you’re a person that doesn’t have a lot of free time to dedicate to training your pet, treats can really help speed up the process.


What’s your opinion on the whole thing? Do you believe treats are important for dogs and puppies?


Dog Nutrition: Four Common Mistakes That Pet Owners Make

The nutrition of a pet is something that is often passing or a fail with a lot of pet owners. What’s sad about this is that the pet in unable to articulate if they are getting too much or too little. A whopping 75% of all dog owners report that they are not sure if their pet is getting the right amount of nutrition that they need.

Pet owners come in various flavors and they have their own different beliefs regarding what sort of food their pets should imbibe. As a result, there is rampant misinformation and there are a lot of pets which end up paying the consequence to those misinformed decisions. To combat that, Carolina Pup Pets is creating this article to point out some of the more common mistakes that pet owners make with their dog’s nutrition.

Here are four of the more common mistakes that dog owners make about their pet’s nutrition:

Not Using Actual Measuring Tools

There are a shocking 64% of pets across the USA that have been registered as obese by their vets. This is a common issue that is present in a lot of households around the world. It seems that a lot of pet owners which get blinded by their affection for their dogs and end up giving them more food than they actually need.

Table Scraps

Raise your hand if you’ve ever snuck food to the family pet when you were young. A lot of us are certainly guilty buggers and as it turns out, this bad habit is one of the leading causes in dog obesity and malnourished. The term “malnourished” can seem quite odd to use since obesity is factored in. However, being malnourished simply means that the body is not getting the nutrients that it needs. Human food can be quite high in fat content so not only does it make our pets a little heavier but it’s bad for their organs.

Picking the Wrong Food

Different breeds and different ages will need specific nutrients to suit them. When you choose dog food, you need to factor those needs into the decision making. A lot of dog owners think that dog food is just food no matter what make, brand, or type it is. When you feed a puppy something that is for older foods, their systems get overwhelmed. The same applies for older dogs and food that is made for younger dogs.

Not Having a Feeding Routine

Dogs need routine; much like babies and children. A lot of dog owners make the mistake of not having a set feeding time so what ends up happening is that they end up feeding their dogs either too soon after a feeding session or too late. These can really mess up a dog’s body especially over a prolonged period of time. Dongs need consistency; especially when it comes to their nutrition.

It is our hope that after going through this article, there will be less ignorance making the rounds regarding the health of dogs everywhere. What’s your opinion regarding dog nutrition? What common mistakes have you personally made regarding a dog’s nutrition? What common mistakes have you witnessed yourself?


Bringing a Puppy Home: Essential Things You Should Already Have

Dreaming of bringing home a puppy is one that is shared by millions all over the globe. There is something that is just so naturally cute and appealing about a puppy. Everything seems idyllic until the actual caring for the puppy kicks in.

A lot of new pet owners are completely overwhelmed with all the demands and responsibilities that come with raising a puppy. It is completely heartbreaking to see puppies abandoned or being maltreated simply because the pet owner was not prepared for how much care went into rearing puppies.

In order to avoid more puppies from being harmed or abandoned, here are a few essential things you should have when you bring a puppy home:

Food and Water Bowls

Puppies will need to be fed and they will need to be hydrated. A lot of new pet owners tend to realize that they’re quite unprepared and make a scramble to purchase a bowl for their new pet. Food bowls and water bowls aren’t all the same. There are specialized bowls which really benefit puppies. Young dogs tend to wolf down their food and still have a lot of energy. There are bowls which allow them to work off their energy and slow down their eating.

Grooming Materials

The whole moment of bringing home a puppy can be truly exciting. It can be so exciting that a lot of owners forget about the grooming needs of a pet. A lot of new pet owners take advantage of the fact that puppies shouldn’t be bathed all that often as they may not adjust well to the temperature of the water. However, as they grow, they will need to be groomed fairly often. Grooming materials are important and should be on hand before the puppy comes home.

Food and Treats

Nutrition always plays a big factor in raising a puppy. Before you bring your puppy home, it would be smart to scout the different types of dog food that are available in the market. It would be best to find what sort of food would be best for the breed and the age of your puppy—much like humans, every age has its own set of nutritional requirements.

Clear Vet Schedules

When you have a pet, you should have a vet that you trust and will be your partner in keeping the dog healthy throughout its life. When you are getting a puppy, it is important to start asking around regarding reliable vets and the schedules that you will need to keep for checkups, vaccinations, and any other medical needs.

Puppies, in general, need a lot of care and when it is time to bring them home, we hope that today’s discussion helps to weather the storm a lot better. What’s your opinion regarding the things that are essential for their care? What do you think pet owners should already have when they’re bringing home their puppies?

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For the Owner: How to Stay Sane During the Housebreaking Period

Having a puppy or a dog as a new addition to a household is always a great thing! When that same puppy or dog making a mess and generally peeing or pooping everywhere? Not so much. It is generally this point in time when a lot of dog owners start to question whether they are meant to be owners or if they are suited for the responsibility.

It is unfortunate that this is a period that may find difficulty with but that is completely understandable. What is truly unfortunate is that this is the particular period wherein a lot of dogs are either abandoned or given away. Our hope with this article is that dog owners will be able to use the little nuggets of wisdom regarding how to stay sane when housebreaking their dog.

Let’s get started!

Have a Plan


This is, by far, the most ignored piece of advice that has been given. Vets, pet trainers, and long-time pet owners will all tell new pet owners that it is important to have a plan when it comes to housebreaking a pet. It’s not something that you just half ass.

You will need to make sure that you’re equipped with the right mannerisms, right responses, and right rewards to let the message sink in a lot better. A plan will usually consist on when you are starting the housebreaking, what you need to do, and how you are going to measure your success.

Practice Consistency


Consistency is always important when you are trying to teach a pet a habit or a response. A lot of the problems and the frustration come from not being consistent with the rules that are needed. Puppies and dogs (which are usually rescues) have a lot of difficulties understanding what is expected when things aren’t consistent.

If you are going to stay sane, you need to be consistent as well. Get to know your pet and time when they usually have to relieve themselves. From there, make it a habit so they’ll pick up the time when they need to go and where they should do it.

Practice Self-Care


Just because you are responsible for your pet does not mean that you should not make time for yourself as a person. Housebreaking a pet can be extremely stressful so it is important to practice self-care. Take a break when you think that you are losing your temper. If your pet is driving you crazy, substitute with someone else for a while. Doing what it takes to make sure you are a happy and healthy person will help your pet in the long run.

When it comes to being a responsible pet owner, taking care of yourself matters a lot. After all, if you are not happy, there is very little chance that you will be able to provide the sort of care and support that a young or needy pet needs. Being a pet owner means that you will be part of a relationship with someone that cannot speak their mind and is completely reliant upon you for their survival and wellbeing.

What’s your opinion regarding the whole housebreaking process? How did you survive the whole housebreaking period with your own buddy?


Dog Food Talk: 3 Different Types of Dog Food You Can Choose From

A common misconception about dog food is that they are all the same. Let us correct that misconception with today’s article. We are going to be focusing on three particular types of dog food that an owner can choose from.

Let’s get started!


This particular dog food type is one of the more common ones and preferred by most pet owners. Dry pet food or kibble can be purchased at pet stores and groceries. They are normally heavily manufactured and is said to contain all the nutrients that a canine needs. There are, however, a lot of grumbles about how kibble generally has more than necessary fat to it.


High in moisture, this usually comes in canned form. It is usually said that wet dog food is best for dogs that have quite an age to them or have bad teeth. The wetness makes it ideal as there is not much crunching and munching. The high water content can mean that there are lesser nutrients that are retained.


The raw food movement is one which has been receiving its share of followers through the recent years. The people that generally go with the raw food movement tend to stick to veggies rather than meat over the fear of infecting their pets with parasites or bacteria. There have been a lot of criticism about this and there has been a scramble to see if the pet owners that choose this particular type of food are harming their pets.

Of course, this isn’t to say that the only types of dog food are the ones we’ve brought up today. To the contrary, there are A LOT of different types of dog food that’s available to choose from. The one that determines if something is the best fit is usually a combined effort of the vet and the pet owner.

What’s your opinion regarding types of dog food? What sort of dog food do you believe is the best fit for your buddy?