About Carolina Pup Pets

carolinapuppetsWelcome to Carolina Pup Pets!

We’re a digital publication which heavily focuses on the discussion of:

  • Dog Food Selection
  • Pet Food Choices
  • Doggy Treats
  • Puppy Care
  • Puppy Training

We take these discussions very seriously. Pets—especially dogs—bring a lot of joy in our lives. They do not just make awesome companions but they also provide an infallible service for those who may have disabilities.

At the helm of our operation is Debbie Pyle. She is an animal enthusiast and a complete dog nut! She made the decision to adopt a Labrador around a decade ago and was completely overwhelmed with all the responsibilities that suddenly landed on her lap. She felt like she was in a complete loss and as quite surprised to realize that there were so many people who felt the same way.

Carolina Pup Pets was conceived with the aim to provide a valuable service for new pet and pup owners. It is our goal to elevate the experiences and the lives of pets and pet owners everywhere. We hope to enjoy your continuous support. If you happen to have any particular questions or concerns regarding pet care or any of our core topics, feel free to get in touch with us through our contact page information.