Pet Knowledge Resources

Welcome to Carolina Pup Pets! As you may know, we are a digital publication which heavily covers the discussion of pet care, pet nutrition, and general pet training and well-being. That being said, information is something that we highly value.

Since we are focused on providing information regarding better practices that would lead to healthier and happier relationships between a dog and its owner, we have always been on the lookout toward sources that would help grow our own knowledge. We were lucky enough to find some! That being said, we would like to share these sources with you!

Best Friends

The full name of this organization is Best Friends Animal Society. If you’re a person who is looking to obtaining a pet for your home, it is often best to adopt. This is one organization whose creed is to focus on providing homes for dogs which have either been abandoned or put up for adoption. Rather than supporting puppy mills, Best Friends is a good organization to help you find a buddy for life.



The Humane Society of the United States

A lot of organizations out there focus on providing aid for people who are in distress. This organization focuses that effort toward animals who have been subjected to horrendous cruelty. They help to rehabilitate and secure safe homes for animals that have been maltreated by humans. They always have an event happening and are open to having volunteers so if your heart is one of a volunteer, this is a good site to check out.


Do you have links that you make use of to grow your understanding of dog care? If so, consider sharing that with us and we can add them to this page!