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Welcome to Carolina Pup Pets! We’re a digital publication which specializes in the exploration and the discussion of pet care, pet training, pet nutrition, and a variety of other pet-related things. We focused primarily on dogs as the center of our articles as a majority of us have pets as dogs.

Our articles are curated from personal experiences and expertise so it only made sense for us to focus on the animals which add so much to our lives as a whole. While that decision narrowed the field of discussion somewhat, it still remains to be a rather considerably sized field. There is so much to discuss and would highly appreciate your help!

We are looking for more writers and contributors to join our website! We write a wide array of articles which center on:

Dog Food

One of the biggest parts of being a pet owner is to feed that pet properly. The quality of that food is quite important and there are a lot of choices in that particular field. It is one of our running topics which we would appreciate more focus on.

Dog Care

Nutrition set aside, being able to sufficiently care for all the other needs of a dog is something that a lot of new dog owners have trouble with. We are always looking for more discussions and more people to provide coverage about this.

If you think you would be a good fit for our site, give us a call at 631 414 1770. Our staff can help to facilitate your application or your submissions. Let’s all work together to better empower other pet owners and dog enthusiasts.